Anti-reflective helps to absorb light instead of reflecting it, thereby enhancing the sharpness and quality of your vision. It helps with night driving, driving in rain, headlights, streetlights, overhead lighting, and computer screens. The brand we use is very easy to clean and include a tough scratch resistance.

Scratch Resistant lenses No eyeglass lens material is scratch proof. However a lens that is treated front and back with a clear, hard coating does become more resistant to scratching.

Impact resistant lenses are thin and lightweight. They offer safety by being impact resistant, so they will not crack or break if something hits your eyewear. They have 100% ultraviolet protection to protect your eyes against harmful sun exposure.

Hi-index lenses provide you with a thinner, flatter, and more cosmetically fashionable lens. The aspheric design means better optics without peripheral distortion. They also provide 100% ultraviolet protection, which protects your eyes against harmful sun exposure.

Progressive lenses (no-line) provide three fields of vision; distance, intermediate, and near. They provide the most natural vision when your eyes need help close up.

Transitions/Photo chromatic lenses get dark when you go outdoors and clear when indoors, providing convenient protection from the sun. They have 100% ultraviolet protection to safeguard your eyes against harmful sun exposure.

Polarized lenses block out horizontal light, which reduces glare from pavement, snow, and water. It allows you to see crisp and clear while still protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

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